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ACARS Log Analyser

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ACARS Log Analyser is our program (now freeware) designed to help you make sense of all those logs. It can be downloaded here


Log Importing


  • The current release will import ARD2, WACARS (Airmaster mode), PC-HFDL (Airmaster mode), SkySpy, AirNav ACARS decoder, ZCARS and Airmaster 3/2000 logs.


DDE Link


  • Log Analyser allows you to establish a DDE link with SkySpy, Airmaster 2000, AirNav's ACARS decoder, ACARSD and PCHFDL. This means live data gets passed to Log Analyser in real-time. Live data from AOR's ARD2 is also supported.


Photo Lookup


  • If you have an Internet connection, you can right-click on any aircraft in the list views and view a photograph of the currently select aircraft.


Display log data


  • The main interface of the program comprises of 4 main views on your log data (see the screen shots for further details). All Log Records show all of the data imported. This can filtered by Registration, Flight Number or Date. Unique Aircraft/Flight Number and Unique Aircraft show filtered views of your data, providing details about when the aircraft was first/last heard and the number of times it has been heard. Double-clicking an entry in the log view pops up detailed information relating to the aircraft selected.




  • There are a number of reports which allow you to print (to screen or printer) your data in a variety of ways. These are broadly based on the main interface views.
  • Version 1.3.0 onwards can export a file in Aviation Databases 2002 TripLog format which allows the user to transfer their list of "heard" aircraft without having to manually type the data into Aviation Databases.




  • The database includes lookup tables for Aircraft and Carriers. These are used for the Aircraft Detail pop-up window and can be added to and edited by the user (so you can add new aircraft). As of version 1.0.15, it is possible to import data directly into the Aircraft table from the CSV file downloadable from ACARS Link.
  • There are additional databases for Routes and Message Labels, which are used for lookup purposes within the program.




  • From version 1.3.0, Log Analyser supports Alerts. This allows the user to enter any text (such as a registration number), which Log Analyser will look for in any messages received in DDE mode. If a message with the defined text is detected, the message is added to a new window, with the alert text, to notify the user that it has been received.




  • New in version 1.0.15 is the Statistics screen. From here, you can see detailed statistics about the database and can also see how many aircraft from a particular carrier you have "heard".


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