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ACARS Frequencies

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The following frequencies are used to transmit ACARS data to and from the aircraft:


Frequencies in Mhz


131.55Primary Channel worldwide
129.125Additional Channel for USA & Canada
130.025Secondary Channel for USA & Canada
130.425Additional Channel for USA
130.450Additional Channel for USA & Canada
131.125Additional Channel for USA
131.450Primary Channel for Japan
131.475Air Canada company Channel
131.525European secondary Channel
131.725Primary Channel in Europe
136.700Additional Channel for USA
136.750Additional Channel for USA
136.800Additional Channel for USA
136.900European Secondary Channel
136.925No longer in use
136.850SITA North America Channel
136.750New European Channel
131.850New European Channel




Auckland5.583, 10.084, 13.352
Bahrain8.885, 10.045, 11.312, 17.967, 21.982
Barrow6.646, 8.936
Bolivia11.318, 13.315, 21.997
California4.672, 8.559, 10.081, 11.327, 13.276, 21.934
Guam8.927, 11.306
Hat Yai13.270, 17.928
Hawaii8.912, 10.075, 11.312, 11.348, 17.936
Johannesburg4.681, 8.834, 21.949
Krasnoyarsk10.087, 13.321
New York5.523, 8.912, 11.315, 13.275, 17.919, 21.934
Reykjavik5.720, 6.712, 8.977, 11.184, 15.025
Shannon5.547, 6.532, 8.843, 8.942, 11.384


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